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Gwent Barrels NOW Claimable (5 day log in reward)

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Problem sorted.

Log out and back in if you need to trigger the claim button.

I thought it only fair, to write a positive headline post alerting people.

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I'm so happy with my Keg for gwent, a game I'll never play. Some bots and new users got cyberpunk 2077 game keys, we get beer barrel.  Thank you so much alienware.

Thanks AWA , but i thought that masters members , have their own pool of keys, so says the site.. but as we can see even members with level of silver masters get nothing and this game cyberpunk went to the bots. Polish company is very good company and i wish them all the best , but i never interested about the witcher series , plus it was interesting to read about such game as cyberpunk , but i also not very wanted to get it. I read that Witcher is very good game and people very like it , so im sorry for writing that i not interested about it , i very liked game Sacred Gold , i think that probably the Witcher was like Sacred so people very liked and keep to play in Sacred.. same probably will be and with the Witcher.

I took my key of this bear barrel at morning 10:57 am , i already had to wait until 3 o'clock at night, so really thank you for fixing it and for being able to get this key.

Is there anyone who can donate the key? I'm a new Gwent player and your help is greatly appreciated.

I missed out on the Gwent week and am having a hard time getting enough ARP to get the Gwent starter pack key. If anyone doesn’t play Gwent, please message me the key. Thanks!