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Scary Games Recommendations?

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What's some scary games that are worth to try?

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If you don't mind walking simulations, I really recommend for scary games (that I personally played):

Layers of Fear




As for other games, the list might be a bit too long, so I can't include them all.

Thanks i appreciate it.. yeah i heard about Layers of Fear and SOMA. but i would give the other games a shot :)

Phasmophobia - ghost hunting game

The Forest - survival horror

7 Days to Die - survival horror with zombies





And Layers of Fear is free now on Epic Games:

turicsabi said:

And Layers of Fear is free now on Epic Games:

Layers of Fear 2 not the first one

I love all things horror, but I'm a total wimp in horror games. I get terrified super easily and because of that, I rarely complete them. Having said that, I didn't have any trouble finishing Layers of Fear, it actually got a bit boring for me towards the end. Also, I really loved SOMA. Yes, I played on easy but not just because I'm a wuss, I wanted to concentrate on the story and I thought it was great.

I've recently completed Alien: Isolation and this was one of the scariest games I had ever played. Amazing atmosphere.

I saw that someone had mentioned Layers of Fear 2 being free on Epic Games Store... you still have a few days to grab it if you haven't done so already. Apparently, Blair Witch is one of the next free games and should be available to add to our library starting this coming Thursday. I will certainly grab it, it looks pretty cool. 


Thanks i appreciate it :) Yeah Blair Witch is next on Epic Games. 

To be honest, I'd totally recommend the whole Amnesia (yes, even Rebirth) and Penumbra series of games, also along with SOMA, each of these from the same devs: Frictional Games.

Darkwood is also a very good game for some spooky time.

Project Zomboid can also be pretty scary to my experience if you're just getting into it, though it does get way less scary after some time.