Alienware's New TCC Offset Controller

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Alienware's New TCC Offset Controller
By: Ernie Gonzalez

Alienware recently introduced its fourth revision of its thin and light gaming notebooks the mSeries. These thin and sleek gaming notebooks----which features Intel 10th gen processors, and new  NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or 3080 graphic options are available in both 15 and 17 inch housings with resolution options to match. 
But with the launch of these mSeries thin and light notebooks our community have always lusted for more overall control. To be specific BIOS control and performance options to get your system running to your liking.  Well along with the introduction of Vapor Chamber cooling to all  Mseries notebooks they now feature a Alienware first  TCC Offset Controller.

Yeah yeah, I know you've heard TCC controller slider before but what excatly does this mean? Well,  The TCC Offset Controller allows users to control the max CPU temp of their system, ranging in a value between 0 and 15.  Just remember increasing TCC Offset will reduce maximum CPU Temps but may also slightly reduce CPU performance in certain applications.

    - TCC Offset 0 = 100°c MAX CPU Temp
    - TCC Offset 15 = 85°c MAX CPU Temp

The TCC Offset Controller is easy to use, with just a few steps to set-up I'll walk you through them below.

TCC Offset Controller is located inside the BIOS, We first start by hitting F2 to enter the BIOS once here we go over to the advanced tab and scroll down to performance options. 

Once we click enter we will notice three performance options, starting with the TCC activation offset, here we type what we want our value to be ----which would be max for the video at 15.

 Hit F10 to save and enter windows. 

Once your system has booted your are ready to enjoy your gaming experience without a worry in the world. To be honest you can really deep dive into your settings from the TCC Offset Controller, paired with custom thermal fan profiles inside Alienware Command Center. You can even add in some overclocking or undervolting, the options are at your fingertips.

So there you have it a quick run through of the new TCC Offset Controller featured in the New Alienware mSeries Notebooks. Below you'll find some performance Gameplay in my latest YouTube Video featuring the m17 R4 paired with an Intel i9 and NVIDIA RTX 3080 with TCC Controller enabled.

Check out the NEW Alienware m17 and m15 R4 :

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