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Maybe AWA should use extra bold font when making giveaways

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Case in point: Evil Genius giveaway

I've seen a few people saying they thought it was a giveaway for Evil Genius 2. I personally don't understand how someone can think that the game being given away is EG2 but then again, I guess people can't be bothered to read descriptions. And apparently, using capital letters is not enough either.

So, my advice to whoever puts up those giveaway pages... Have the game titles written in all caps and use an extra bold font. 

Maybe that would have prevented people from grabbing a key thinking it was EG2 and then dropping said key on some other forum when they realized it was actually EG1. Heck, someone even created a giveaway for EG2 on steamgifts... *facepalm*

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Enjoys a Good Drink
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clearly states Evil Genious ONE for the GA  and the Video clearly states number 2.

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Yeah, I know that. All I'm saying is... it seems that for some people, it still wasn't clear enough that the giveaway was for the first Evil Genius game. 

I've seen this type of comment a few times already:

Yes, it's their fault. But maybe putting the game title that is being given away in all caps and in bold would pop out more and would have more chance to attract the attention of those who can't be bothered to read the full description and just click to grab a key. It was just a suggestion. It kinda sucks to see those people realizing a bit too late that they did not get the game they thought they would be getting and drop their keys on other forums.

Meme overlord
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Sadly, most people don't actually take the time to READ the giveaway. We get complaints saying "my key doesn't work" or "why won't it let me claim a key" when the giveaway clearly states its conditions. Ex. only 1 key redemption per account, key only valid in NA servers. 

Im afraid there is no fix for that.