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Alienware Arena App for Phone/Tablet Ideas and Issue.

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Hey AWA 

I installed you're AWA App on my phone and was trying it out . One issue I had is the the big blue > that stays on the bottom for the cookie preferences doesnt go away once set even logged in. It blocks most out the bottom of some pages and gets in the way being its so big and does not hide after preferences are set . This is the only issue I have with the app itself. 

I was looking at and messing with it and I like it and was thinking this app would be a good way to notify us of giveaways and should have a setting to notify us with a tone or someting or toast window that will alert our phones/tablets if we set it . You could also make it a lvl 30 perk to notify us of lvl that a new giveaway has launched and can be claimed being we are of said lvl . 

It's a basic app but good and I can access all I can here on AWA on my phone. Just a idea and a fix to make it a better app and more user frendly.   

Thanks ! 

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