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What was the most frightening villain/monster you ever faced in games?

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Which character or monster inflicted most fear into you? For me it was Alma from F.E.A.R series. It was really interesting set of emotions but very scary for me. It might be because it was one of the first horror series I've played and I was a little bit of a kid back then but still it still makes me shiver.

Alma's some shots from various games

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The Angels in The lonely assassins

It has to be Ophtalmicid from Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare, they can go invisible and show up in your face, I used to get scared a lot when I was younger.

I should play the Alone in the Dark The New Nighmare actually. It looks good

the first F.E.A.R. game in general just always scared me.  The DLCs with the specters were also scary.

DLCs were something else maan, I'm happy they're not canon tho, seeing Alma killing everyone you know in the game in a fierce fashion is not cool

I really like the games where the hero or protagonist turns into the villain in the end, or has to live with the knowledge of his/her evil actions or harsh decisions.

And in the usual kind of games I should say Nemesis from the old Resident Evil 3, had everything to be a awesome villain, that was copy into posterior games like the Silent Hill saga in the form of Pyramid Head.


For me whole Serious Sam game. every screaming character, running bullls the whole sound effect of the game. 

Just playing Quake 3 scared me as a child. Doesn't matter who, spooky as hell.