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Alienware 17 R2 freezing issues... Motherboard/Graphics Card? (980m & i7 4710hq)

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    I sadly type this post on an absolutely ANEMIC HP laptop...  I bought my 17 r2 brand new in 2015 and just when my 4 year extended warranty ran out it started having issues...  It locks up completely and i can do nothing.  It happens at random and it will usually come following a full screen refresh type flash.  I tried so many things and even took it to a "professional computer repair" place (they have tons of great reviews).  They said it seemed to be graphics card related.  After full system reinstall they said they tried installing drivers for the 980m and it utterly failed then.  I have no idea...  I have been looking for replacement mo-bos for it, however, there are lots of them for lower grade processors or the lower grade GPU.

Basically im wondering if anyone else ever had similar issues with any other solutions?  If not are there better/other options for motherboards that will fit the 17 R2? Maybe one from an R3? I do NOT want to downgrade my CPU/GPU but if i can stuff something better or close to the same quality (AMD over Intel for example) I am down with that.

I just do NOT want to spend 2k+ on another laptop right now.  That is a serious gut wrenching thing.  I really want to run games like Star Citizen or FS 2020... There is no way in hell this turd HP would run those on even Super NES graphics quality... lol


Thanks for any help!

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Sad to hear your GPU died bro, things that just happen, maybe (try google search) you could change the MoBo, or some 17 models can swap the GPU and CPU (buy a new one)