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Game you are playing now / game you are looking forward to playing

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Playing: TESV Skyrim

Looking forward: TES 6

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Been playing a lot of MLB21 The Show and Elder Scrolls Online 

Anxiously looking forward to Halo Infinite

Currently playing a lot of Back 4 Blood and looking forward for December and January updates.

I just finished River City Ransom Underground after a 2-year hiatus. It is the best beat em up i've ever played. I also just played Helltaker but that game is only like an hour or two.

Next I plan on picking back up/finishing Dragon Quest VIII. Then I'm going to buy/play Rogue Corps Uprising.

I'm looking forward to Puzzle Quest 3, Braid Remaster, and Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 whenever that comes out.

i'm playing to A plague Tale Innonce Tale (nearly finish i think) and then i'm looking forward to several game :

The Witcher 3, Subnautica, Deus Ex Mankind, Hitman, Kingdom Deliverance, Battlefield V,

some games I started but leave aside : A Ghost of a Tale, Styx Master of Shadow, Q.U.B.E, Epistory typing Chronicle, Amercian Fugitive

Currently playing: Monster Train

Looking forward to: River City Girls 2, DB: The Breakers

Currently playing: Deathloop

Looking forward to playing: Starfield, Stray, Horizon Zero Dawn sequel