Minecraft Cliffs and Caves Update (Part 2) Is Out!

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The first phase of the newest update dropped back in June and added some small features that acted as a taste-test for everything that's to come in the second update. These were things like new mobs, critters, and items. The second patch is focused on world creation.

I'll cover some of the basics of what's going on.

  • Some of the expected flair of the Caves and Cliffs update are being pushed back as part of The While update, which will include darker, spookier elements such as a new biome called Deep Dark.
  • Some experimental caves/cliffs were janky and buggy for some players, so the second phase smooths them out. Underground caverns should be more complex and fun, while some mountains are getting a big height hike. They've also worked to try and make it so that these new updates aren't jarringly different from the rest of the biome environments.
  • Speaking of underground caverns, players can dig even deeper now to find a new Deepslate layer.
  • Some of the recently introduced creatures are being given more specific biome homes. This can be seen in higher mountaintops and the sub-biomes that exist now.
  • For my achievement hunters, they've includes four new achievements to garner.
  • One of my favorite things about this patch is that cats can scare ghosts again! 

If you're curious to learn more, watch Mojang's newest video about the topic!

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