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MY Alienware is hard bricked !!HELP!!

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Hello I'm Nathaniel I've got an Alienware m17x r4 that is hard bricked and won't even charge should I get a new board or replace the bios Chip

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That is hard to answer without going through a full, step-by-step diagnostic. Troubleshooting is a methodical process that starts from a known good point and tests each stage incrementally until it finds the problem. It is possible to skip steps, but I think it is better to confirm that everything behind you is working as intended so you can focus on the next step in line.


So many questions to ask and answer...

- What were you doing when the computer stopped working?

- Why would you think you need to change your BIOS chip?  Were you 'updating' the BIOS at the time of failure?

- Could your charger have died?  Does the computer work when you are plugged into AC power?

- Does your battery accept a charge anymore, or could it be dead?

Those are just the first of many troubleshooting steps as Member Tcharr stated above.

The Technical Support Board/Forum may be a better place to seek the detailed help you will probably need.  See the menu on the left side of this screen.

No I've tried everything even a new charger 

I'm sad because it's was my first laptop.

And I don't think it's charging at all because I fully drained the battery after waiting 2 months

I know it's stupid of me to ask but, have you been keeping your security up to date? Have you been connected to a work setting or anything of that nature? 

Need more information. You say bricked, but that means something different to people. I assume it powers on? Are you able to use it plugged in? Is it just that the battery doesn't charge? Is there any error messages like "plugged in, not charging"?