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GTA V Steam Quest - A question

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I have GTA V on Epic Games (not on Steam).

I added GTA V to my Steam via "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library...".

But it seems that the quest can not detect my GTA V.

Is there another way for me to complete this quest?

Or is it mandatory that I own GTA V on the Steam platform?


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I'm pretty sure that they are using the steam API to check times, so you won't be able to play in other versions and complete the quest. Also adding them as non-steam game won't change anything, as the steam (and therefore steam API) only tracks steam games, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You have no choice but to buy the game on Steam. in my case I will not. it is a high cost for only 25 arp

It was nice when it was only free to play games, but now they have chosen a Pay to Win path for ARP. frown


I wonder if it would work with the family sharing setup.


semikiko said:

STEAM QUESTS offers one game paid (Grand Theft Auto V) and one free (Warframe), everyone chooses what to play to earn + 25 ARP per week.

Previous Steam quests were both free.

Be happy they were free


  • You must own and install the required game to complete the quests.
  • We understand that not every game will be available to all our members. Along with showcasing our gaming partners and their brilliant creations, we try to include a diverse set of paid and Free-to-Play games.

If they want to showcase them, maybe they should coordinate with a free-play weekend. That would be better advertising than this "Hey, spend $50 on this game, and we will give you 25 ARP!" nonsense. It looks like AWA is trying out a new revenue stream.

no one forces you to spend money, there are enough other options to earn ARP and since you're already Master Platinum, you don't need them anyway

also your Pay to win point is very weak, there is nothing to win with ARP here

I already own it on both Rockstar launcher and EGS. A damn shame!