Overwatch 2 Unveils New Tank for Season 2

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Rammatra, a new Omnic tank character, is being officially released on Dec 6th, the start of Overwatch 2's second season.

Those familiar with Overwatch's lore or who have played the game for a while may recognize Rammatra as a teased character during the 2019 Storm Rising PvE event. Rammatra is the leader of Null Sector, a revolutionary group fighting for an Omnic liberation and an Omnic state. A lead narrative designer has confirmed that Zenyatta has shared history with Rammatra-- one where they were "as close as brothers," but with a complicated past of individuals with wildly different stances on Omnic-Human relations. You can watch Rammatra's origin story character trailer here.

Rammatra will have two forms: Omnic and Nemesis. His Omnic form will allow for more of a shielded, ranged behind-the-lines defense, while his Nemesis form puts him front and center as an aggressive charge tank. There aren't official details about his kit-- however, based on what I've read of the new hero, I estimate that his Nemesis form will be similar to Ashe's or Winston's ults. Rammatra's Nemesis form will make him a major target on the field and unleash a close-range brawler style perfect for taking out squishy characters. Due to Orisa's major rework removing her portable shield, Rammatra's new shield capabilities will be interesting to see in action.

Rammatra will not be available on Day 01 for non-battle pass holders, unlike the three characters (Junker Queen, Sojourn, Kiriko) introduced with Overwatch 2's drop. Those without a battle pass will have to grind to Lvl 55 to play him, which is a substantial amount of time to pour in. Many fans were unhappy about the call, though I wouldn't hold my breath on Blizzard making changes based on player feedback.

Do you think Rammatra will change the meta, or will he be a toss-away like Echo? LMK your thoughts on Blizzard's latest tank!

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Once more, a great game ruined by publishers' greed. Terrible gameplay changes and such a disgusting monetization model from Activision Blizztard...

I used to play Overwatch every day, but I'm definitely not spending any time playing this inferior "sequel".


Level 55 to play with him without battle pass... That sounds exagerated to me.

Blah, blah, blah... take your bloated microtransaction "screw your customer" revenue model and shove it!



It is a 50-70 hour investment for 1 tank unless you buy a battlepass, that does not look good.