Tides of Vengeance updates the WoW PvP experience
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 Fallout 76 gets the Survival Mode next week
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 Blizzard remove Lootboxes for real money (HoTS)
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 Oxenfree for free in Epic Games very soon
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 More loot changes are coming to Anthem, plus no more Forge loading screen in next update
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 Chernobylite Plans To Launch Kickstarter Campaign, Playable At PAX East, Teases Gameplay
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 Google's Stadia Represents A Genuine, Real Threat To Xbox, PlayStation And Even Nintendo
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 Epic Store Brings 3 Sony Exclusive Games to PC
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 Black Desert - free week on Steam
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 Nintendo and Sony Stocks Have Dropped Since Google Stadia Announcement
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 Events, Library Overhaul Coming to Valve’s Steam Store
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 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been cracked a day prior to its official release
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 Nintendo Teams Up With Frito-Lay Variety Packs To Give Away Switch Console And Games Every Hour
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 Anthem Vs. The Division 2
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 Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution Releasing On Nintendo Switch
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 Streamer finishes Dark Souls 1+2+3+Demons Souls+Bloodborne back to back without getting hit ONCE.
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 Video Games and Mental Health
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 Beat Saber wins best VR/AR Game at Game Developers Choice Awards
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 Obsidian Entertainment was adding Steam achievements to The Outer Worlds hours prior to making the move to Epic
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 The Sinking City Becomes Another Epic Games Store Exclusive
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 Dota 2's Latest Update Introduces A New Hero
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 A new battle royale revealed, APB RIOT
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 Call of Duty: Mobile will be free and exclusive for Android and iOS
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 Fortnite is getting a new limited time game mode
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 Gameforge's Guardians of Ember is now available in Open Beta
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