Hello :) Is anyone having the same problem as me, where I cannot seem to purchase any game from the game vault/there is no "confirm/buy/etc." button in any of the games, even if I have enough ARP/reached the required tier? Thank you!
02.12.2024 11:24:38 - kakisgr -
It's not open yet
02.12.2024 14:43:54 - TheTruTH2262 -
Game Vault opens on 2/23 at the time mentioned at the top of the page
02.12.2024 16:04:29 - Punished_Pyle -
And most definitely be ready when it opens because the selection doesn't last long -- minutes, sometimes.
02.13.2024 04:34:55 - 0therw0r1d1y_be1nG -
Oh ok I see, ty!
02.13.2024 04:36:57 - 0therw0r1d1y_be1nG -
I see, so what I saw is just a preview of the next set of games that will be available for purchase on said date, mb.