Is anyone else having an issue when trying to buy any of the alienware gear on the marketplace - dell rewards tab? like the mousepad, beanie, etc.? I keep getting this message: " We cannot accept your purchase at this time. Thank you for your interest."
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04.21.2024 19:37:33 - MysteriousMrX -
I've had it in the past, and clicking on a cosmetic item, but cancelling before I actually bought the cosmetic item then unlocked being able to buy the Dell stuff.
04.21.2024 19:43:05 - krishtian -
04.21.2024 20:43:58 - hillberd -
### okay so I logged out and re-logged back in using a different browser. It allowed me to claim the item, but If dell cancels the order or something I will update.
04.24.2024 01:23:31 - omniscientidiot -
What did you get? was debating on the dice but there is no description on what materials are used. =/
04.24.2024 01:45:39 - hillberd -
i wanted to get the XL mousepad. I input my shipping address and it said confirmed. It is no longer available for claiming on the market place, but I don't have any idea on how to check its tracking status.
04.24.2024 22:35:31 - omniscientidiot -
i seen an admin post about them mixing files up on the backend for the merch orders. maybe that is the hangup.
05.01.2024 21:09:21 - hillberd -
So far I have not seen anything delivered, so I'll message the admin on discord and see if i can find the shipping info.
05.18.2024 02:15:38 - hillberd -
Final update, I received an email on the 10th that the XL mousepad was to be shipped out on the 13th. I finally got it on the 16th. (about a month after the initial purchase). It is a large mat that almost fits a keyboard and mouse.