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how to connect your discord account and earn points! After following the steps, go back in this channel every day and click on the button to receive your ARP
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02.01.2024 04:29:28 - Revalopod -
how much points do you get?
02.01.2024 06:11:47 - titomalkavian -
Yeah, I second the question raised by Revalopod. Usually there's 3, 2 or even 1 options available to choose on the Discord RPG polls. But the points differ if I choose the option that will be chosen by the majority of people? If I choose th
02.01.2024 06:32:42 - titomalkavian -
Whoa, there's a character limit here? It should be informed "as you type", right? Strangely the comment was fully posted, then it had a section cut. Oh, well.
02.01.2024 06:35:53 - titomalkavian -
Resuming my questions: If i choose the 2nd and the least voted, the ARP amount can vary? In the current poll, I think that the majority is choosing a misleading option - a Water Park. I think it's a mirage, since Cartire's in a desert. Same
02.01.2024 06:36:56 - titomalkavian -
Same for the hotel, geez. =P
02.01.2024 08:33:27 - titomalkavian -
"How does voting and ARP work on adventures? Each poll will present a choice for the community. The majority answer on each poll will be the only answer used in the adventure. Everyone will earn the same ARP."
02.01.2024 10:12:48 - anonumos -
got 8 arp voting for option 2
02.01.2024 11:41:00 - catch33 -
my discord and awa account don't match, but i can't just change that, since both are looking time in use, then i would need another account? isn't there another solution possible, or can i change my email in awa without problems?
02.01.2024 12:39:53 - anonumos -
I have different emails for alienware and discord and connect them without any problems
02.01.2024 15:31:12 - asiquesi -
Well, you only get ARP when there is some kind of poll and that does not happen daily, so the title is a bit misleading ;-) and, as far as I know, it does not matter what option you choose as you always get the same amount of ARP but I am n