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How did you come up with your gamer name?

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How did you come with your forum/gamer name? Is there a hidden story or meaning behind it?

My name is a junction of Satan + Vagina in portuguese. It's something like Satan's Pussy LUL

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When my niece and nephew visited me they used to run down the drive way, screaming UNCLE! UNCLE! So in my family I'm now known as simply Uncle.

I played hockey for over 30 years and my shirt number was always 77.

So Uncle77.

As a kid and massive Star Wars fan, I used to call myself SithSlayer but with numbers (S1tHSL4y3r) cos leetspeak was the cool thing.. at the time.

Then I decided to make a name that was slightly less obnoxiously childish lol.

My real name translates to Judgment of God so I took the Latin for divine- "caelestis", and combined it with Danish for judgement- "dom", and made a name that was unique and sounds like something out of a fantasy novel!


When I was a kid I loved eating Instant Noodles (Still do) and growing up I saw Nuclear Power,etc as being something being cool and awesome (i.e: Incredible Hulk,Desolators Nuke Weapons in Red Alert Series)

i love the color pink its my favorite and im a scifi (space fanboy) so pinknaut fits me

For me it was in the process when I was setting up my Xbox 360 console after coming home from the midnight launch.

It was something like 3am by time I got to the part where the console asked enter which I just thought ohh its personal name to use for games for a save file etc.

So I typed: Chris (my name) WH (my favorite Holden Statesman vehicle model ever) & V6 (for its engine being a V6 Supercharged) and chriswhv6 was born.

Now at the time I had no idea this was going to be shown to public or used to track achievements and such and by time I realised it was too late to start up a new one.

Has stuck with me ever since now :)