Build It to Win It!




Congratulations to our Winner, Maxine S. of Western Australia.  Maxine has won with the tweet "This must be what it feels like to carry your first-born home <3" and selected a dream build Alienware 17 laptop!


Celebrating the Re-Launch of the ANZ site with our Dream PC Contest!


Build an AU Alienware 13

 Build a NZ Alienware 13 


Build an AU Alienware 15

Build a NZ Alienware 15


Build an AU Alienware 17

Build a NZ Alienware 17


Build an AU Alienware Aurora

Build a NZ Alienware Aurora


​​Entry Instructions:

  • Login or create your free Alienware Arena account
  • Configure your dream Alienware on  or by using the links above up to a maximum budget of AUD 3200 or NZD 3500.  (Note: You may need to turn off ad blockers to open the links.)  Build choices are an Alienware Aurora, Alienware 13, Alienware 15 or Alienware 17.
  • ​Copy and paste the build URL of your dream system into the entry field below.​
  • Provide your best creative answer in the second question field to "If you were to win your dream Alienware system, what would you Tweet to show your excitement?" 
  • ​A panel of 3 judges will score your creative answer based on the following judging criteria: Creativity, Originality and Humor.  The top scoring entrant wins their dream Alienware system!


One entry per person.  Entry may be modified throughout the submission period by returning to the entry page and copy/pasting the new build's URL into the entry field.



This skill contest is open only to legal residents of the Australia that are thirteen (15) years of age or older and New Zealand that are (13) years of age or older as of August 9, 2017.

Void where prohibited. Please see official rules linked below. 

Entry closes September 10, 2017

registradus said:

where do you find the build URL?

I'd like to know this too.

Good Luck everybody and may the Alienware Gods choose  who is worthy of a mean peace of hardware