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Best store to source PC parts?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to build my first PC. What is the best online or real life store (Sydney) to source parts?

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PC Case Gear is great if you're in the Melbourne area. Otherwise mwave has always had pretty good prices.

i bought most of my stuff from MSY just because  it have not disappoint me yet, i mean i broke alot of stuff and they just ask for a little bit and off my part goes to fix. the price is alright not the cheapest but msy is right next to my house so it kidna easy to go there.


MSY: Terrible service (but better than it used to be), great prices, ordinary website, reasonable range, but has been in trouble with the ACCC a couple of times.

Centrecom: Pretty good service, pretty good prices, great website, very good range.

PC Case Gear: Good service, Very good prices, great website, Very good range.

MWave: Excellent service, Very good range, good website, Very good prices, plus VIP discounts.

CPL: Ordinary service, good prices, good range, ordinary website.

Amazon Australia: Don't forget to check here. They often have discounted fast-moving items, like RAM sticks and M.2 SSDs. 

MWave is my fav. for deals/lowest prices.

+1 for Ozbargain. 

Even if they don't show a current bargain for exactly what you are after you can do a search of historical deals to get an idea of who gives consistently good prices.