Razer Wolverine gamepad is tailored for true gaming professionals

Razer Wolverine gamepad is tailored for true gaming professionals

Except from working on crazy hardware concepts that sometimes do not come to life as products, company Razer makes also a true and diverse gaming periphery for gamers. Among those peripherals are also controllers, or gamepads, and among them from yesterday is also a very powerful model known as Razer Wolverine.

It is about a wired controller for PC and Xbox One console that Razer presents as the most adjustable gamepad on the market. Indeed, it has a bunch of things you can set at will to make gamepad experience as good as possible.

For example, on this controller you can adjust the height of analog sticks, you have two different sets of D pad keys, additional controls for volume, microphone etc. There are also two additional programmable keys and two additional triggers, two modes of triggering, rubber-coated handles of controller and an illuminated part capable of displaying 16.8 million different colors. Because, why not?

Cable for connecting gamepad with computer is three meters long and the controller in the hands weighs 260 grams. Wolverine will go on sale at the end of this year, and will braid your pocket for 180 euros.

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Would be interested to see how the community reacts to this 
Thanks for the share OP!



not sure if the community will like it. i guess no

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Good news!


I felt like we already had good enough options in terms of controllers, this one seems overkill.


It's really bulky and incredibly expensive at 180 euros


Cool. Good news.



In my opinion looks cool


Awesome gamepad.


Дизайн годный.


thanks for the news

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Company Razer announced a new controller for players on PC and Xbox One console which with additional control want to have all functions within reach.

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