Here's What's New In GTA 5 Online This Week On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Here's What's New In GTA 5 Online This Week On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Rockstar has revealed this week's batch of content and bonuses for Grand Theft Auto V. Along with a slew of discounts on aircraft and ground vehicles, GTA Online players can get their hands on a classy new car this week.

Beginning today, players can add the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic to their collections. Rockstar describes the car as a "deeply customizable Sports Classic." You can pick one up from Legendary Motorsport.

Rockstar is also extending double rewards for Motor Wars. Players can now earn double GTA$ and RP by playing the mode until September 18. Additionally, players have until that day to earn double payouts from all Rockstar-created Stunt Races. You can also get double GTA$ and RP this week by completing Smuggler's Run Sell Missions, while Bodyguards and Associates will earn double GTA$ salaries as part of SecuroServ's Employee Appreciation Week.

As for discounts, players can get 25% off aircraft engines and armor upgrades, as well as 25% off countermeasures in their Hangar Workshop. Engine and armor upgrades for all cars are likewise 25% off this week, and players can pick up the Truffade Nero and the Pegassi Tempesta for 25% off.

Finally, this week's Premium Stunt Race is Big M, which is restricted to motorbikes. As usual, all players who participate will earn triple RP, but those who finish within the top three will earn a hefty GTA$ payout. The Time Trial this week LSIA. Players who beat the target time will receive a significant GTA$ and RP reward.

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No interest on cars cause they are too many


I love muscle cars. Bought them all and i am sure will be getting this one.Sexy beast.

Now lets grind for that double xp and $.


great news, you can start farming)


king-mka said:

J'aime les muscle cars. Les achetai tous et je suis sûr que ça obtiendra cette bête.

Maintenant, nous allons travailler pour ce double xp et $.

I think the same .

Good job ! 


As always nothing important.

Fallen' hero will rise again!


i like this car 


Will have to try




Updates is always good


Yeah, the changes at the moment are not that great. Kinda like most DLCs for Saints Row (that's what the color of the car reminded me of anyways). Oh well, maybe people like these anyways


Great stuff coming towards us :)

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A new car is now available.

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