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Users of NBN, what are your experiences of NBN?

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I have been using Optus's broadband network for the past year. recently, NBN became available in my district. However I have heard many cases where NBN has failed, such as constant disconnections and highly inconsistent speeds. Does anyone have good experiences about NBN?

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The stone cold silence on this post really speaks volumes about how much of a progressive failure the NBN really is...

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Its so great that half of melbourne still doesnt even have it yet :)

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Heaps of D/C the first 5 months.

No dramas now.

My disconnections had nothing to do with the internet service provider, it had to do with the actual cables which are owned by Telstra (i had to contact them)



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Our NBN experience has been pretty much flawless. The only disconnects we've experienced were either scheduled maintenance(which we're notified about by our ISP), or disruptions that were out of the hands of our ISP. I'm on 50/20 Fixed Wireless with AussieBroadband & have no trouble hitting max, or near max speeds any time of the day.

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Mine's been perfect ever since switching to Aussie Broadband. The lower contention ratio's really help!

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I've recently switched over to nbn, I get 30m on a 50m plan... better and cheaper than my previous DSL but not super exciting. I've not experienced any dropouts in the weeks since connecting, but have heard from others in my area complain it happens a lot.

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It seems to be pretty much the same, but late at night at like 1-3 in the morning it likes to randomly slow wayyyyyyyy down

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Had upgraded to NBN late last year. Its better at least than our old plan. Think I pay $80 AUD/mo for it. I'm in Adelaide City Area so idk if that makes it easier to get a stable connection but enjoying it since I've grown up to slower connections over the years. (I.E: 54kbps - Wifi)

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It was awful where i lived. Was worse than the previous adsl2 connection and cost more, plus we were forced into it in our area, so we had no choice :/


I also noticed that i have better more stable connections to california than i do to sydney... still, even today.. its friggen stupid.

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It really depends on where you are and what access you have.. they went with the lowest hanging fruit in terms of rolling it out though so the original goal of ensuring that the majority of Australians have the same level of access was dead in the water as soon as the libs got back in.

I'm very lucky in that even though I'm on Fibre to the Basement (equivalent to Fibre to the Node), I'm still able to sync my 100Mb at around 94ish most days. If you're out in the burbs (or beyond) and on Fibre to the Node you're pretty much stuffed, especially in relatively new areas where instead of providing for the future Telstra did the bare minimum and people are on shared lines etc. 

Fibre to the Curb is better (5 peeps sharing one line), but Fibre to the Home was what it should have been, and the lucky buggers in swing seats at the time the libs got into power are pretty much the only ones who benefited from this.

I absolutely love my current NBN connection - previous max I was getting was 8Mbps on ADSL.. so to be able to get 10x that makes me very happy.. but I'm still annoyed because my building was originally pegged for FTTH and was built with pre-wiring for it, but the NBN decided that we were going to get FTTB and that was that.. I now have useless points in my living room that go nowhere and the points in the spare bedroom cupboard for the NBN box to go.. such a waste of potential.