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Deals and Freebies rules

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This board is where you can share all the good deals you've found across the internet. Lots of free and cheap games out there. Always good deals on hardware.  If you found something you want to share, please post it in its own thread on this board.  


  1. Place the name of the product and if its free or discounted in the thread title
    1. Example: Half-Life 3 - 75% off   or    Guild Wars 3 - Free
  2. Place a direct link to the product in the thread.  
  3. Any referral links must also include a non-referral link as well.  
  4. Please note of any deadlines or expiration dates if known.  
  5. Duplicate deals/freebies will be deleted.  
  6. If you have multiple deals on the same site, please post them in the same thread.  You can update your title to reflect all the different products or simply state "Free games from (blank)"
  7. No spamming.  Posting to shady sites or expired deals (after the fact) will result in a good nuking.  
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