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Curved monitors?

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Anyone using them? A few videos convinced me to try it out. Was looking for a good gaming monitor with 144hz and found a good 27” at a good price but is curved. What are your thoughts on them?

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playing many times on pc with curved monitor and iam sure of one thing, it wasnt worst than flat one. Maybe even better never think about it while playing. But if curved monitor made any problems i would remmember that, so i think its worth to buy.

mostly usefull if you plan to go with 1 big monitor  some ultrawide etc  otherwise it might be hard to match curved with other displays

while multimontor setups have their own problems and downsides

so a nice curved ultrawide might be for you if you try to get some cockpit feeling  for racing, flying etc then again look our for curvage radius etc

phobos4321 said:

while multimontor setups have their own problems and downsides


What is the problems or downsides with mult-monitor setups?

single wide screeen curved is a nice plus when compared to multi-monitor use as you do not have to deal with any bezels at all. This is of course only if your gaming across all monitors together. Another improvement of course all depending on the setup differences between the multi monitor and single monitor is that it can be less strain on your GPU. Or for the same strain to run the multi monitors, that effor can be put towards higher resolutions on the single. I currently have both a flat and a curved on different systems and for the most part actual display difference isnt drastic enough to really make a difference.

One plus for curved monitors is you can slightly push them back further if your monitor is in a corner setup of your room.

A friend gave me this one. I love it, its large enough to see every detail and has settings for everything you do online, from gaming to reading. yes 350.jpg