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[] Astro Guard, Dino Island - The Four Crystals, Cthulhu Frozen Nightmare, Den:The Forgotten, Mouse Maze Escape, Dark Bot, Towngrid, SUMDDD, BALL PUSH 2, ACS SolomonHaunt Edition and Rhythm Any Music - Free

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Astro Guard

Guard your planet with your life as you shoot comets, asteroids and stars that hit your homeplanet! Shoot through anything in your way through bullets, missiles or heck, even using a black hole! Not only do you control yourself but you also control the planet's ring for precise shooting! Careful as the ring will get overheated if used too much! If you thought just plain rocks will come at you, think again! You'll some come across stars that will startle you as they dash through you instantly!


Dino Island -The Four Crystals

Your main objective is to rescue the crystals stolen by an evil wizard who lives on the island with the dinosaurs, for that the guardian needs to go through stages with challenges and collect crystals. At the end of each part of the island the dino will have to face the evil wizard who took the crystals, so if you defeat him he will retrieve a crystal and continue to the next challenge.


Cthulhu Frozen Nightmare

Cthulhu waits dreaming... Until some bizarre cultists in the far north awaken him. Use your aircraft to put Cthulhu back into his icy slumber or die trying!


Den:The Forgotten

It's about a public man whom is not the first time dealing with the bad guys. Den and his team, were commissioned to go to Murk city and help the trustees there to kill the criminals who. broke into a lab...but there's something very special going on here. Our protagonist woke up all alone on top of an office building, and his team disappeared. He's all alone... thought he'd find them, and he had no ammunition in his gun. So he's on his way... You have no idea who you're going to meet out there.Zombies. But how did those zombies get there? Are they all the people of the city and are the team members amongst them? You'll never find out... They're all the same. but he must remain alive. Will Den-n succeed ?!


Mouse Maze Escape

When you see that the first levels are so easy you will realize that it is crazy to escape, welcome to mouse maze escape


Dark Bot

New black and white platform game where you will have to escape into the easiest or most impossible levels you can imagine



Here is a small city-building game I made recently. I'd like to get some feedback, to know if you're interested in this project or not. It's a city-building game, where you have to develop your town, care about people's health, water and power supply and entertainment. Everything is based on a grid system, which makes gameplay pretty intuitive but not less fun and engaging.


SUMDDD (super ultra demo donut dash)

You have the last donut in the city, and now the police are all after you. There are donuts being drop via plane to help settle the police, but they just seem to make things worse. Gain score by crushing police, but crushing them hurts you. Recover health and power ups by collecting the donuts from falling from the sky. But be careful if the police get the donuts they become empowered and become super police. Last as long as you can.



BALL PUSH 2 is an addictive hyper-casual game. The controls are as follows: tap the screen to accelerate the oscillating particle and avoid obstacles! The game is not demanding on the computer, so everyone can play. The game is endless, and so you can get a lot of emotions from it. Every time you start the game, the obstacles will be special. Depending on this, the background of the game will change.


ACS SolomonHaunt Edition (argondevils cursed synthesizer solomonhaunt edition)

Generate daft tones! Guaranteed to NEVER be in tune! Create a mesmerisng racket! "Drag" the tone to make it sound even worse!


Rhythm Any Music

Play using your own music and get into the rhythm with amazing backgrounds that are automatically generated by your music. Experience the beat of the game using your keyboard or any USB-based plug and play controller. Support for MP3, WAV and FLAC audio formats.


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