Frenetic New FPS SPRAWL Features a Super Soldier, Epic Headshots, and a Dynamic Soundtrack.

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Enter the dystopian world of SPRAWL, a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megalopolis. Fueled by the blood of your enemies and a mysterious voice in your head, fight your way to the SPIRE with cybernetically enhanced maneuvers and a dynamic soundtrack that responds to your actions.

Available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store!

Advances in cybernetics and artificial intelligence pushed humanity into a new era, but that golden age has crumbled and left behind a broken world. 

SEVEN, a disgraced special ops super soldier, finds herself embroiled in conflict with government forces trying to kill her while a mysterious voice in her head pushes her to survive. Betrayed by her organization and on a mission to overthrow the Junta, a military regime that rules the sprawl with an iron fist, SEVEN must escape the walled city and discover what secrets lie at the SPIRE.

In this cyberpunk megalopolis, the streets are vast and the armies of the government seem endless. But the dark alleys and dilapidated apartments are surfaces compatible with the “icarus” cybernetic implant, allowing SEVEN to perform gravity-defying wall-running maneuvers. In addition, the blood of her enemies fuels that same implant, vastly enhancing reaction time. On command she can enter a state that slows down bullets to a snail’s pace, allowing her to dodge, quickly swap weapons with no slowdown, and line up the perfect headshot. 

Each movement and shot will ramp up the blood-pumping action with an original industrial electronic soundtrack that dynamically responds, making each kill even more satisfying. A vast arsenal of weapons are at her disposal, but each new enemy will present a new challenge to solve. SEVEN will need to think fast and adapt to survive. 

The SPRAWL eventually consumes us all…will you fight your way out?

SPRAWL was made possible by the duo behind developer MAETH: Carlos Lizarraga and Hannah Crawford. Carlos, the music industry veteran behind SPRAWL’s soundtrack, level design, and art assets, has been credited for work on massive pop hits, niche indie labels, and creative direction on projects at Warner, Interscope, Sony and more. Hannah Crawford, SPRAWL's programmer and game designer, has worked as a senior gameplay programmer on some of gaming’s most popular modern franchises on behalf of Sony and Microsoft.



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Very nice. I'm getting some Quake III Arena vibes with a Cyberpunk veneer. 


Nice, just worried if my eyes (can't take much light/flashes) can take the effect shown in the game. With risk of rain 2 i got so dizzy that lasted a few days even.