Dragon's Dogma 2 Director Talks Classes or “Vocations”

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Dragon's Dogma 2 was released on March 7th and this Capcom game has a different approach to the class system. The “Classes” are called “Vocations” and they are sword and shield, archer, mage, and thief builds. The game’s Director, Hideaki Itsuno, has some suggestions for players who are just starting out. 

"If you're an FPS or third-person shooter player and you've got good aim, then the Archers could be a good match because the better you can aim, the better you will do with that kind of ranged character. I think it'll help you get to grips with the game at the start," Itsuno says. "Alternatively, if you've been playing more close-quarters combat games, and you're playing the kind of game with rolling dodges to get out of the way of enemy attacks before countering, then the Thief is something that will suit that kind of player very well." 

As is true in most video games, builds with range in mind like Archers have a bit more time to think over their moves and strategy than players who like to run in. This can be good for new players that are just getting used to the game. If you are the kind of person who enjoys jumping right into the middle of things, it looks like Thief will provide you with the right moves to give yourself the best chances within close combat. Two entirely different starting playstyles, but both seem sensible for someone who wants to pick it up quickly.

When it comes to the vocation that Itsuno has picked for himself, things get increasingly difficult: "It does tend to change quite a lot because there's so much variety in the gameplay from location to location, but at the moment, my kind of main setup is I will have my three pawns be Sorcerers, and for the Arisen themselves, I will use the Warfarer class which is one that allows you to take on various abilities across all different Vocations," Itsuno says.”

Whew, that sounds fun! But admittedly, more complicated than I would like if I were just getting into the game. The Warfarer allows the player to have more freedom of choice, but that also reveals the opportunity to make the wrong one. If Warfarer is so good, why not make the pawns one as well? Itsuno had an answer for that as well.

 "That said, there is no one-size-fits-all party. This party structure I've made is great for bosses, but we can be totally wiped out by a pack of wolves at the same time. So it isn't that there's only one correct answer in how to always win - just always think about your party setup when going into combat," the director advises."


As much as the option of choice is daunting, it’s nice to know that there isn’t an obvious one that every player should make to get the best build and kit in the game. It all depends on your skills and desires as a player what kind of combat you’d like to prepare for and excel in, and which weaknesses you’ll want to be ready to confront. If discovering which Vocation suits you best sounds like your idea of fun, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is out now!


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It's crazy how many microtransactions the sequel has.  Totally different from original.


Shame publisher didn't have touch with reality. Those microtransactions are totally unnecessary, they should know people will hate those in single player game.


I love how many softball questions they asked. Would have been great if they could at least touch on the concerns of the community or give them a slight nod to say the least