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Free Steam Key Code Drop ---> Community Giveaway Forums

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Hello everyone,

There are many community giveaways that we all have been doing in this forums with Steam Key code Drops, but they should go to the Community Giveaway Forums.

This is because of how 
1. They are for the Community and

2. They are for the Community, not ninjas who do not even have accounts and yet can access Deals&Freebies easily.

For all future Steam Key drops, please move them to the Community Giveaway Forums. If they are posted here, they will be moved on first offense; deleted on second, nuked on third.

The link for the forums is here:
And please read the Rules before posting: . For all Steam Key Code Drops, they will be locked immediately; if you are high enough level to lock it, please lock it to help us out.

Also, for all codes for discounts and coupons, please follow the rules listed and post the codes here: in Community Giveaways - Coupons.

Thank you for your time and your participation in the community,

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Ty, I will Do that!!
I hope, there will be a common Format... otherwise I will start Crying... :D